Our menus are structured around the seasonality of our region and like our region they are dynamic and will vary not only from evening to evening but, often, within the course of an evening’s service. We are happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions or allergies–please just let us know of any at the time of your reservation or when you are speaking with your server.


  • Grilled Caulini; mole, sunflower seed, benne 16
  • Okra; ground nut sauce, peppers, peanut 18
  • Pumpkin; frisee, ricotta, pepitas 18
  • Sweet Potato; coconut collards, apple, pomegranate molasses 36


  • Oysters; on the half shell MKT
  • Tuna Crudo; fennel broth, citrus oil, serrano 18
  • Scallops; parsnip, pear, farro verde 36
  • Snapper; dashi, smoked mushroom, turnip 42


  • Lamb Heart; burnt bread, beets, coriander 18
  • Rabbit Mortadella; pistachio, pickled daikon, spicy mayo 16
  • Sweetbreads; ham hock vinaigrette, caper, lemon 22
  • Chicken Country Captain; tomato, curry, almond, trencher 38


  • Crab Salad; Szechuan breadcrumb, pickled corn, shallot 18
  • Salted Fish Croquettes; paprika, lemon aioli 18
  • Middlins; ruby red shrimp, tarragon, Carolina gold rice 24
  • Smoked Lamb; barley, carrot, coffee 48


  • Smoked Collards 12
  • Smashed New Potatoes 12
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