Our menus are structured around the seasonality of our region and like our region they are dynamic and will vary not only from evening to evening but, often, within the course of an evening’s service. We are happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions or allergies–please just let us know of any at the time of your reservation or when you are speaking with your server.

3 courseĀ  $75 per person


  • Beets- whipped feta, arugula, pecans
  • Sweet Potato- quinoa, buttermilk, pickled watermelon rind
  • Dutch Fork Pumpkin- swiss chard, berbere spice, coconut


  • Tuna Salad- radish, arugula, tonnato
  • Middlin- carolina gold rice, ruby red shrimp, tarragon
  • Beeliner- mushrooms, swiss chard, ginger


  • Sweetbread- tonnato, radish
  • Quail- country ham gravy, kale, mashed potato
  • Crepinette- parsnip, turnip, pickled mustard seed


  • Rabbit Mortadella- carrot, cucumber, fermented cayenne
  • Smoked Carrot- farro verde, dates, ginger puree
  • Duck Confit- white acre, butter beans, buttermilk dumplings



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