Our menus are structured around the seasonality of our region and like our region they are dynamic and will vary not only from evening to evening but, often, within the course of an evening’s service. We are happy to accommodate any dietary restrictions or allergies–please just let us know of any at the time of your reservation or when you are speaking with your server.


  • Royal Red Shrimp; cucumber gazpacho, dill, almond MKT
  • Oysters -East & West Coast Varietals   MKT
  • Tuna Crudo – green caesar, salsa verde, smoked tomatoes  18


  • Melon Salad; peanut, basil, ham. 16Pork Pate – pickles, baguette  16
  • Rice Balls; green goddess dressing, Carolina gold rice 14
  • Farmer’s Salad; sun gold tomato, okra, buttermilk 16
  • Rabbit Mortadella; pickled pistachio, pickled daikon, spicy mayo 16


  • Smothered Grouper; summer squash, saffron, clam 42
  • Scallops; zucchini, basil, tomato 42
  • Grilled Pork Shoulder; butter bean, callaloo, tomato 38
  • Butter Bean Falafel; butter bean, baba ghanoush, spring onion 32


  • Smashed New Potatoes; nutritional yeast, sour cream, scallion 12
  • Smoked Collards – onion, pepper vinegar  10
  • Whole Grilled Fish – braised fennel, meyer lemon, salsa verde  MKT
  • Chicken Country Captain – tomato, sourdough trencher, almond   54
  • Dry Aged Ribeye – $4 per ounce


  • 5 course prix fixe $125 per person
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