House Cocktails

  • Fill; cognac, dates, amaro, crème de cassis
  • As the flower; tequila, brandy, madeira, hibiscus, honey
  • Clogging & Shagging; rye, cynar, amaretto, grapefruit, cheerwine
  • Sandra in the Sun; whiskey, chicory, banana, scotch, bitters
  • Get Busy; mezcal, allspice dram, carrot, orange, orgeat
  • Princess Odette; gin, lychee, cranberry, lemon, milk punch
  • Two-Step; aquavit, lime cordial, chardonnay
  • Apple Bottom Jeans; rum, apple, tarragon, lemon, calvados

Vintage Cocktails

  • Between the Sheets; rum, cognac, dry curacao, lemon
  • Remember the Maine; rye, absinthe, sweet vermouth, cherry
  • Saturn; gin, passionfruit, lime, lemon, orgeat
  • Left Hand; bourbon, Campari, sweet vermouth, chocolate bitters

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