House Cocktails

  • Octopus Garden- gin, centum herbis, honeydew, lime, seltzer
  • Through the Grapevine- cognac, absinthe, passion fruit, honey, lime, bitters
  • Roses- tequila, pisco, rhubarb, strawberry, lime
  • Wildflowers- bourbon, banana, lemon, egg white, almond foam
  • Gardenia- rhum, cachaca, cardamom, lime, bitters
  • Thorn in my Side- rye, maraschino cherry, sherry, maple, bitters

Vintage Cocktails

  • Queen’s Road- aged rum, orange, lime, ginger, bitters
  • Chauncey- old tom gin, cognac, rye, rosso vermouth, bitters
  • Rosita- tequila, campari, sweet vermouth, dry vermouth, bitters
  • Champagne Cocktail- champagne, sugar cube, bitters

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