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Big Things Happening at The Grey

It’s hard to believe that in December The Grey will have its fourth anniversary. Amazing! What’s even more amazing is that Mashama and I are standing tall, we have tons of energy and we are ready to take on a bit more to continue to contribute to Savannah’s evolving culture of elevating food, wine and hospitality.

How are we going to do this?

Well, by throwing the doors open to our second venture.

It’s called The Grey Market and here are the details:

Opening Date:  October 2018 (final date TBA shortly)

Address:  109 Jefferson Street, Savannah (just South of Broughton Street)


Monday through Friday 7AM to 7PM

Saturday 8AM to 7PM

Sunday 8AM to 5PM

Hollywood-like Descriptor:   Port City Southern lunch counter meets urban grocery

What can I get there:  All you need to nourish your soul and survive and thrive in Savannah

The Grey Market will open in October at 109 Jefferson Street

And for every action, as we all know, there is an equal and opposite reaction. Really, this is just a dramatic way of saying that opening The Grey Market means we are changing some things at The Grey in terms of service and hours in our Diner Bar. Our new Diner Bar hours effective September 18, 2018 through October 18, 2018 are as follows:

Diner Bar:  Tuesday, Wed, Thurs and Sunday – 4PM to 10PM

.           Friday and Saturday – 4PM to 11PM

But wait, there’s more. Because on October 19, 2018, we are going to introduce a brand-new, all-day menu in the Diner Bar on the weekends. Beginning on October 19, 2018 the Diner Bar’s hours will change to the following:

Diner Bar – Tuesday, Wed, Thurs 4PM to 10PM

.            Friday, Saturday and Sunday 12PM to 11PM (All-day menu)

Dinner service in the main dining room will remain the same as always throughout:

Main Dining Room – Tuesday, Wed, Thurs and Sunday 5:30PM to 10PM

.                   Friday and Saturday 5:30PM to 11PM

(I know, I know. This results in a one-month period at The Grey during which we will not be serving food during daytime hours and we apologize if this inconveniences anyone but we need that brief sabbatical to get The Grey Market up and running and to create the all-day menu for the Diner Bar. This new menu will be a small plates expression of what Mashama is currently offering in our Main Dining Room).

You probably have questions if you have made it this far; right?

Like what exactly is a “Port City Southern lunch counter meets urban market?” Or, “why can’t the team at The Grey just leave everything alone?” And maybe even something along the lines of “have you gone batshit crazy, Johno?”

All very fair questions. I will take the last one first – I am no crazier today than I was six years ago when I started building The Grey or four years ago when Mashama and I opened it.

As to why Mashama and I cannot leave well enough alone, it’s because challenging ourselves and our team is what makes us tick. We are serious about contributing to Savannah by not only helping to nourish the people who live, work and visit here but also by growing our footprint and providing respectful and high-quality jobs to the City’s workforce. Continuing our program of making healthcare available to our full-time employees, providing access to a 401-K plan and, as often as possible, promoting from within our ranks are part of our promise to our team and will continue to be some of our most core values. This allows us to disseminate the culture we have created at The Grey into this next venture and it provides a visible career path to those team members seeking a long-term role within our growing family of enterprises.

And finally, what is The Grey Market? The best way to learn the answer to this question is to stop by and have a peek when we open in October. You can grab a seat at the lunch counter or snag something delicious to take-away with you. Our goal is to tear a playful page from Mashama’s recipe book and create a space that becomes a regular stop for breakfast, lunch, early dinner, snacks, takeaway, sundries, mementos or to grab a quick drink in a unique and welcoming space.

Oh – and if that’s not enough, we will have Rotisserie Chickens each day after 4pm.

Double oh – we have an absolute rock star of a full-time baker who moved here from New York City via Los Angeles strictly to make you bread, bagels and all sorts of doughy deliciousness. You know what that means? Our sandwiches are going to be the bomb because, in the end, a sandwich is all about the bread and Matt’s bread is out of this world. Really!

Triple oh – we will have a catering menu available for all of your office, entertaining and party needs, and we will be happy to take orders for picnic, weekend or beach packs that will provide all that you require to make your relaxation time stress-free and scrumptious. Suffice it to say that we will do our very best to fulfill all of your needs for delectableness.

So that’s what we got for you Savannah – The Grey, The Grey Market and our continued commitment to serving all who live, work and visit here to the very best of our ability.

See you around and, together, let’s keep trying to blow the roof off of this town.

– Johno

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